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Life is ever-changing! Prices change. Economy continues to waiver. Philosophers change their stories. Children graduate. (Kudos to our youngest, Jana, forgraduating high school!- YAY!) A new nephew will soon be born. A friend dies. Work schedules need to be reworked. And reworked, again. Weeds need to be pulled. I was thinking of how it is said that “The only thing constant in this life, is change.”. While that seems correct, it is only true to a point. The only truly “constant” is God! When schedules fall apart, friends let us down, money disappears, God is always there. Waiting with open arms of love to help and guide us. I’m so thankful for His unfailing love!Evangeline Anderson

Anderson’s Country Market Inc.
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#############################AMISH-STYLE BULK:

  • To help you celebrate Memorial Day and the upcoming Fourth of July, be sure to check out the Red, White and Blue Star Sprinkles and the Freedom Gummy Bears!
  • With lots of finger-food parties being given at this time of year, be sure to try our dip mixes. We have a variety of kinds which include Garlic & Herb, Alpine Spinach, Cucumber Dill, Southwest, Bacon Horseradish, Strawberry, Maple, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, and more. They are made with high quality ingredients and have instructions on the package for an easy homemade dip.
  • One of my favorite chips is the Veggie Medley Chip. It’s made completely out of vegetables, is gluten free, seasoned with sea salt, has no added colorings and is 100% natural. Delicious!

Be sure to check out our sale items of the week, at both locations! If you haven’t tried a sample of our Amish Mellow Yellow Cheddar, be sure to ask at the deli counter.

The first of the sweet corn and cantaloupes of the season are in. The cantaloupes are wonderfully, sweet! We’ve been able to keep our produce prices affordable! With some of the local produce already starting, we’re planning to add more local, as it comes available.

Now serving strawberry pies, made with local strawberries. The strawberries come from my friend’s garden and she uses no sprays on them. So you can eat them, guilt-free. Look for the strawberry pies in the cooler. We also have other pies available for you to order, at your convenience.

Beautiful hanging baskets can be yours for only $9.99 each! That’s right. I’ve been told (by many customers) that we have the prettiest plants around for the most reasonable price, and we hope to keep it that way. John takes great pleasure in keeping the plants beautiful for you. Enjoy!

It’s time to get those gardens planted. We have yellow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, dill, zucchini, and much more. Spring is here and summer will soon follow!


  • Toast a few sliced almonds and toss them into the lettuce before munching on your next tossed salad! This is one of my favorites and helps to add protein to my diet.
  • Need to encourage children to eat vegetables? No success? Chop zucchini very fine and mix into pizza dough.
  • Want to take baked beans to a picnic that everyone will love? Try adding cinnamon! This is another one of my favorites!
  • Store honey at room temperature to slow down the crystallizing process. If it does crystallize, don’t despair. Set open jar of honey in kettle of water, turn burner on low heat, and heat honey till it is no longer crystallized. This can be done again and again if you’re not one to eat a lot of honey. Some honey doesn’t crystallize for years. Other honey takes only a couple of weeks. (Did you know honey is the only food that never spoils?)
  • Choose your favorite granola (the one at we sell by Everbreeze Farms isdelicious), add some ice cream and cover over with milk. Delicious!!!

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” Unknown

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Barley Casserole

This is a favorite of our family, one that a friend shared with me about 20 years ago. The original was slightly different, but I’ve adapted it to how we like it.

Layer 1: mix together and leave in bottom of 2-qt casserole dish
1 cup pearled barley (yes, we sell barley :))
2-1/2 cups water
1 can mushroom soup
1 cube beef bouillon
2 Tbl soy sauce (or liquid aminos)
1 Tbl dry mustard
1/4 tsp. granulated garlic powder

Layer 2:
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cups carrots
2 cups zucchini
(original recipe called for a quart of green beans, so feel free to vary the veggies)

Layer 3:
Top with 1 pound, raw, ground beef.
Sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Bake covered at 300 for 2-1/2 hours

Purchase a bag of Freedom Gummy Bears, take 50 cents off one of our festive red, white and blue sprinkles! Coupon good through June 30, 2011 – or until supplies last.
Limit one coupon per customer, please