6 Jun 2019 - By Evangeline

Mint Tea

As we sampled Chocolate Gnache Mint Tea at the store last week, it triggered a memory from my childhood.

My Grandma was an avid gardener. She had a HUGE garden. Many visits were spent with her in shelling peas, picking raspberries, or heading out to her garden to help her water the plants.

One keen memory was their guest bed. Grandma would lay a white sheet over the whole bed. Spread all over this sheet, were sprigs of drying mint tea. The whiff you would get as you opened up the guest bedroom, was like no other. Sometimes we would sneak into the guest room to find a hiding place as we were playing hide-and-seek with the cousins. Sweet, sweet memories.

By drying the tea, she would have enough mint tea for the winter time. It was common for her to serve an extended family meal with dessert and a small, orange melmac-type cup of mint tea. Delightful.

Looking past nostalgia, the benefits of mint tea are almost endless. Here are a few: Aids in Digestion, Improves Mental Awareness & Focus, Reduces Fever, Treats Bad Breath, Reduces Stress, Prevents Nausea, Improves Sleep, Fights Bacterial Infections, Relieves Headaches, And so much more!

There’s no need to go to the bother of drying it. You can cut it fresh, throw it in some boiling water, (stems & leaves) let it steep a few hours and you have a delightful, refreshing drink. Serve it hot or over ice.

There are so many options of the original mint flavors. While the one we were sampling was the Chocolate Gnache Mint, there’s also Mojito Mint, Apple Mint, Orange Mint, Pineapple Mint, etc. etc.

What’s your favorite way to serve mint tea?