6 Jun 2019 - By Skeens

New Changes At The Country Store

Are you curious about some of the newest changes at the store? Anderson’s Country Market decided to roll into the next season with our new logo and truck that better represents who we are as a business and our community!

The Anderson’s Country Market store has been around and supported by our fantastic community since 2008, run by the Anderson family. However, in 2022 ACM, the store was sold to our wonderful owners, Sarah and Josh Skeens. They have done an excellent job running the store over the past year and have made some much-needed changes and upgrades that better suit our store’s values and image, such as our new logo (shown below).

Previously, our logo did not communicate to our customers what type of store we are and contained misleading imagery that the Skeens were determined to fix. Together, with the help of a local graphic design artist, they created a new logo that better suited our needs.

We are so thankful for our customers and local businesses that help support our family through this extraordinary journey, and we look forward to the changes to come. God has blessed us tremendously, and we can’t think of a better way to thank everyone than to keep serving our community through our business.