About Anderson’s

John and Evangeline Anderson have a heart for people. They, too, have raised a family and know how hard it is keep up with static incomes and continuously rising prices. Anderson’s Country Market is their way of giving practical help and offering hope to their community in this time of economic instability.





John and Evangeline are two of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. John is a talented carpenter and has run several successful small businesses over the years. Evangeline is an excellent cook and ran a very successful Pampered Chef business for many years. (She is the person to ask about cooking or recipe ideas…) They have also both been involved in ministry basically their whole lives, including having pastored and also having worked for a missionary organization which supports indigenous ministries, mostly in third world countries.

Many of you have seen their youngest daughter, Jana, grow up right before your eyes. She is now officially the manager of Anderson’s.  You will see her on a day-to-day basis. She  continues to thrive on getting to know each of you and offering the customer care that you have grown to know and love at Anderson’s.



The Andersons started their retail business in April 2008 with mostly salvaged/damaged goods. At that time, there was a small amount of Amish-style bulk and specialty foods. As time as progressed and they’ve heard their customers’ requests, the store has gradually changed from a salvage store to a specialty store.


The goal for Anderson’s Country Market is a more than just a store. They hope you will feel the difference the minute you walk through the doors. The Bible verses on the walls are a representation of their love for God. With Jesus having done so much for them, it is their goal to share His love back to the community. The warmth that you feel and the smiles that you see, is because of what Jesus means to them.

Another goal is to the give the community an alternative when it comes to grocery shopping. The store is filled with high quality food items, organic foods, specialty items (such as gluten-free, sugar-free, homemade preserves), Amish meats and cheeses, etc.






Anderson’s also carry a full line of flower & vegetable plants in the spring and early summer. All of our plants are pesticide-free. What does this mean for you? Your plants will thrive because the bees can pollinate them as God intended them to. In the fall, look for beautiful mums and winter cold crops.
More recently, you will see pianos and guitars for sale. John is a man of music and you will often find him spending a few minutes playing piano for our customers.
Evangeline has discovered a new enjoyment in life. You will find some of her art for sale at Anderson’s. Come in and enjoy taking a look.
Their wish for you is that you will leave their store with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. As you enjoy shopping at Anderson’s, we hope you will feel inspired to do some home-cooking and enjoy good times with family. Anderson’s Country Market certainly is a place that brings you “Tasty, Affordable, Good-for-you Foods” and is committed to the community grocery store.

The Anderson Family